Practice 'fading house'
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only fragmental objects remain from our fading house series (2021)

Objects – 3D scanned/printed ashtray and cigarette, smoke-distributor mechanism, plinth (15 x 15 x 120 cm). 3D scanned/printed vase, scent-distributor mechanism, lace, plinth (15 x 15 x 120 cm). Salt-crystallised rope, plinth (30 x 30 x 120 cm). 

Engravings – three archival photographs laser-engraved on plexiglass. Photogrammetric scan of a building laser-engraved on satin fabric (varied dimensions).

‘Ibrahim’s project focuses on archival photographs and objects as tools of memory recollection. He digitally fabricates the objects remaining from his grandparents’ old house in Larnaca, which was abandoned in 1974. Through processes such as 3D scanning and printing, he brings these objects to life as technological and hauntological presences. The replicas of the objects become a ghostly memoir, which artistically tackle the unresolved past, aiming to provide access and healing from intergenerational traumas. [...] What is not pictured is that each object is imbued with scents. With machinery, Ince has made the vase sprint perfume and the cigarette distribute smoke. Even when the detail of the memory begins to fade, the smell never truly goes. These remind us that while ‘big history’ matters to our politicians and historians, it is the ‘small history’, that we remember – like the smell from a house you were forced out of, and the smoke of a man long lost to intercommunal warfare.’ – Ilaeira Agrotou.

Exhibited in CYENS Resident Artists Exhibition (2021). 

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