Practice 'all that is left of you'
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all that is left of you (laid out on a table) (2021), 

Virtual reality space shown as a HD video (2:36). Sound produced in collaboration with Hayat Sebep.

My artistic processes are intended to capture, capsulise or fragment archival materials. I position myself as a 'translator' of untold stories and aim to reconfigure oral and optic traces under archives’ dust into a new form. Through dissecting my family’s repressed memories - often based on violent internal conflict in Cyprus - I aim to find a catharsis in them; an artistic representation and resolution of deposited traumas. 'All that is left of you' is in tandem with this healing process.

'Ibrahim [...] deal[s] with issues that are at the same time personal and universal – loss and memory [...] Through forensic archaeology and digital presentation Ibrahim brings to light the hidden traumas of territorial conflict'.  - Professor Chris Taylor, University of Leeds.

Displayed in University of Leeds Fine Art Degree Show 2021. Displayed in Google Arts & Culture FUAM Art Prize (2021).

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